If you get, give. If you learn, teach.
Maya Angelou


At Heath Mount Primary School, we promote good citizenship in a variety of ways. The children have opportunities to hold various positions of responsibility in school aiming to promote responsibility and improve life in and around school.

Children will be given opportunities to take part in a range of pupil led groups with additional responsibility. Such groups include Pupil Parliament, Prefects and Playground Leaders.

Pupil Parliament

The Pupil Parliament will be a voice for all our children, with special MP roles for each candidate.

Our Pupil Parliament members put themselves forward for these different roles of the Commons. We have Eco MPs – who are responsible for our sustainability, environment and use of resources; Community MPs – who will take charge of our Rights Respecting work and ensure everyone is ready to learn; and we have our Learning MPs – who will focus on our curriculum and learning within school. One very particular role is of course Prime Minister and a vote is held within the Pupil Parliament to elect a suitable candidate.

What are their roles?

  • To allow pupils at Heath Mount Primary School to have a voice;
  • To identify ways that we can improve our school and community;
  • To be part of the decision-making process in school;
  • To help to improve learning in the school;
  • To take part in interviews for new teachers and learning walks;
  • To be a role model for others in their classroom and around school.

What qualities/skills are required?

Pupil Parliament Representatives should:

  • Be committed to the role;
  • Demonstrate excellent manners;
  • Be patient and calm;
  • Respect and value the opinions of others (even when they disagree with it);
  • Be able to express their ideas clearly;
  • Be approachable;
  • Always try their best with their learning;
  • Always wear the correct school uniform and be well presented;
  • Always make excellent choices in the classroom and around school.

How are they chosen?

At the start of each year in Reception to Year 6, pupils in each class put themselves forward to be elected to the role of Pupil Parliament Representative. This will usually involve them giving a small speech as to why they think they would be great in the role. The class then vote for which pupil they think would represent them best. The two pupils with the most votes then become their classes’ Pupil Parliament Representatives.


Playground Leaders

At Heath Mount Primary School, we have been running our Playground Leaders scheme with Year 5 and 6 pupils. The Playground Leaders play a very important role in creating a safe, friendly, happy and peaceful atmosphere for other children during lunchtimes.

The Playground Leaders receive training, where they learn how to carry out their roles and responsibilities, how to encourage playground games and how to use peer mediation skills.

As Playground Leaders, they support younger children in their play, initiating games and promoting friendships. They act as helpers to our playground supervisors and when possible support the children to find resolutions when the situation arises.

What are their roles?

  • To help all children to learn and how to play cooperatively with each other;
  • To help children resolve minor problems;
  • To teach children new games;
  • To help lonely children make new friends;
  • To be available as a friend to all children.

What qualities/skills are required?

A Playground Leader:

  • Must be friendly towards other children;
  • Must be willing to help others;
  • Should be able to help solve small problems between children.